Natives In Harmony - Promoting Natural Native Landscaping
 Natives in Harmony supports the National Wildlife Federation's " Gardening for Wildlife" program! 

 Get a 10 % discount from Natives In Harmony after your initial installation of  32 plants  (equal to a 10 x 10 area)  and   National Wildlife Federation 
Contact Ambassador, Barbara Velez Barbosa for more info- 

   The nursery will be open on Sundays and Mondays from 12 to 6 pm from April 28 through September 30, 2019. Enjoy a stroll around the prairie and gardens where there is always something blooming. 
   The nursery is located in southern Morrow County, at 4652 Township Road 179, Marengo, Ohio.  Some maps show our road as Penlan Pike. 
   The purpose of Natives in Harmony is to make Ohio genotypes available for others interested in reducing the time spent on landscaping by using natives and in creating habitat for native insects and bird species.  
   If you are new to native plants, this is a great place to start. Knowledgeable staff will always be present to answer questions about plants and gardening with natives. Feel free to peruse the online inventory and refer to the selected species profiles which offer plant descriptions and provide photos of some of the plants available at the nursery.
    For directions and an idea of the plants that may be available, explore our website at or call Gale Martin at 419-688-9800.
    Species availability changes daily throughout the season. Many species that sell out early are replenished in summer and fall as new seedlings are transplanted into pots.  Please call and we would be happy to email you a copy of our current inventory.         We generally have over 200 species available and may have closer to 300 at times during the season, although not all of them are listed on the website. If you know what you need in advance, we may be able to contract-grow plants specifically for you. 
   Natives in Harmony is also open by appointment.  Contact Gale at if you would like to set up a time to visit the nursery before the end of October 2018. 
  If you have friends or family that are wanting to redo their yard or just want to make a few changes, a gift certificate can be the perfect gift. You can even reserve specific plants from our species list if you desire. Just email Gale to discuss the specifics. 
   Certificate Price Range: That's up to you! 
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