Natives In Harmony - Promoting Natural Native Landscaping
Some of the Ohio Prairie, Woodland and Wetland Species found at Natives In Harmony. 

Sweet Flag
Maidenhair fern
Slender gerardia 
Anise hyssop
Yellow Giant Hyssop
Blue Giant Hyssop
Nodding Wild Onion
Thin-Leaved Blue Star
Blue Star Amsonia
Canada Anemone
Prairie Thimbleweed
Plantain-leaved pussytoes
Wild Columbine
Green Dragon
Pale Indian Plantain
Fen Indian Plantain
Beach Wormwood
Wild Ginger
Clasping Milkweed
Poke Milkweed
Tall Green Milkweed
Red (swamp) Milkweed
Purple Milkweed
Sullivant's Milkweed
Common milkweed
Whorled Milkweed
Short green Milkweed
Northern Bog Aster
Blue Wood aster
White Wood aster
Large-Leaved Aster
Glossy-leaved Aster
Smooth aster
Panicled Aster
Calico Aster
Stiff Aster
New England Aster, 
Sky Blue Aster
Shale Barren Aster
Late Purple Aster
Frost Aster
Crooked stem aster
Fen / Swamp Aster
Creeping aster 
Lady Fern
smooth false foxglove
Blue False Indigo
White False Indigo
Yellow False Indigo & Lorain
Long bracted tickseed
Downy Wood Mint
Hairy Wood Mint
False Nettle
False Aster
American Bluehearts
Wild Hyacinth
Wild Senna
Blue Cohosh
American Bittersweet
Partridge Pea
Turtlehead &
Maryland golden-aster
Swamp Thistle
Wild Basil
Butterfly pea
Early Stoneroot 
Lanceleaf Coreopsis
Tall Coreopsis
Common Dittany   
Bulblet Fern
Purple Prairie Clover
Spring Larkspur
Broadleaf toothwort
Cut-Leaf Toothwort
Illinois Bundleflower
Showy Tick-Trefoil
Hoary Tick-Trefoil
Squirrel Corn
Dutchman’s Breeches
Glade Fern
Wild Yam
Shooting Star
Purple Coneflower
Rattlesnake Master
White trout lily
Tall boneset
Late Boneset
Flowering Spurge
Hollow Joe Pye
Spotted Joe Pye 
Sweet Joe Pye 
Wild strawberry
Cream Gentian
Bottle Gentian
Closed gentian, meadow gentian
wild geranium
Downy Rattlesnake Plantain
Purple-headed sneezeweed
Sawtooth sunflower
Stiff haired sunflower
Downy Sunflower
Ox-Eye Sunflower
Sharp-Lobed Hepatica
American Alumroot
Halberd-leaved rose mallow
American Hops
Yellow Star Grass
Wild Potato Vine
Dwarf Crested Iris
Copper Iris
Blue Flag Iris
Roundheaded Bushclover
Rough Blazingstar
Blazingstar Adams
Prairie Blazingstar
Savannah Blazingstar
Dense Blazingstar 
Dense Blazingstar Lake Erie
Scaly Blazingstar
Canada Lily
Michigan Lily
Wood Lily
Cardinal Flower 
Great Blue Lobelia
Pale-spiked Lobelia
Lance-Leaved Loosestrife
Whorled loosestrife
Prairie loosestrife
Wing-angled loosestrife
False Solomon Seal
Starry False Solomon's Seal
False aloe  
Virginia Bluebells
SharpWing Monkeyflower
Wild 4 o'Clock
Partridge Berry
White Monarda, Basil Bee Balm
Oswego Tea
Dotted Horsemint 
Purple Rattlesnake Root
Glade mallow
Evening Primrose
Prairie sundrops
Wild Quinine
Virginia creeper
Smooth Penstemon
Hairy Beardtongue L.Erie
Hairy Beardtongue 
Wild Sweet William, Woodland Phlox
Spotted phlox 
Summer Phlox
Prairie or Downy phlox
Obedient Plant 
Jacob's Ladder
Solomon’s seal
Giant Solomon’s seal
Christmas Fern
Sweet everlasting
Hoary mountain mint
Short-toothed mountain mint
Slender-Leaved Mt Mint
Virginia Mountain Mint
Yellow or coneflower
Orange coneflower
Black-Eyed Susan
Showy  coneflower
Thin-leaved coneflower
Hairy petunia
Smooth Wild petunia
Rose Pink   
Blue Sage
Lyre-leaved Sage
Shale barren skullcap
Heart-leaved Skullcap
Wild stonecrop
Golden Ragwort
Prairie  ragwort
Royal catchfly
Round leaf catchfly
Starry campion
Fire Pink
Whorled Rosinweed
Compass Plant
Cup Plant
Prairie Dock
Lucy Braun prairie dock
Prairie Dock
Blue Eyed Grass
White Goldenrod  
Blue-Stemmed goldenrod
Erect Goldenrod  
Hairy goldenrod   
Early Goldenrod
Gray goldenrod
Sweet goldenrod
Ohio Goldenrod
Swamp Goldenrod
Downy goldenrod   
Great Lakes Goldenrod  
Riddell's Goldenrod 
Stiff Goldenrod
Wrinkle-leaved Goldenrod
Stout goldenrod   
Seaside goldenrod  
Showy Goldenrod
Bog Goldenrod
Elm-Leaved Goldenrod
Indian Pink not native to Ohio
Slender Ladies Tresses
COMMON NAMERough Hedge-Nettle
Meadow rue
Hairy-Jointed Meadow Parsnip
Marsh Fern
Ohio Spiderwort
Virginia Spiderwort
Great White trillium
Sessile Trillium
Perfoliated Bellwort
Sessile Bellwort 
Blue Vervain
White Vervain
Common or Tall Ironweed 
Prairie Ironweed 
Culver's Root 
Canada Violet
Marsh Blue Violet
Longspur Violet
Common White Violet
Common Blue Violet
Heart-leaved Golden Alexanders
Golden Alexanders

Big Bluestem Marion & Stark
Woolly Panic Grass
Canada Wild Rye 
Virginia Wild Rye
Purple Love Grass
Bottlebrush Grass
Prairie June Grass
Silver Plumegrass
Little Bluestem
Indian grass
Prairie grass
Rough Dropseed
Prairie Dropseed

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